About Us

About Us

 Asecondchance (AC) works with poor children, their families, communities, and local NGOs to implement programmes that better lives in child protection, health and child survival, education, women and girls' equity and empowerment.

 We ensure that children participate and have a voice in all aspects of our programmes, working with their families who contribute to change.

We protect and promote children's rights, helping children to drive their own development.

We create space for women and girls to have a voice and take an active role in their own development.

We want to make change in the lives of disadvantaged children, women and their families in the following critical areas:


Education is a fundamental right and crucial for long term change and development. Many children do not have access to education and therefore live in poverty throughout their lives. We shall work with children living on the streets, children who are at high risk of becoming street children, orphans, young carers, children living with disability and other disadvantaged children.

AC supports children living with HIV/AIDS and their families to mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS. We support children living with HIV and AIDS virus to realise quality life.

Health and Child Survival

Asecondchance works to improve the health of malnourished children to see their fifth birthday. Partners with local communities and healthcare institutions to help improve healthcare and medical care of children under the age of five and pregnant mothers.

Facilitates participatory health education to increase knowledge and change attitudes in order to improve child survival.

Works with expectant and lactating mothers to prevent pre- mature death of children.

Promotes prevention and treatment of malaria, tuberculosis and other childhood diseases in order to prevent child mortality caused by preventable childhood diseases.

Promotes access to clean water and better sanitation to reduce waterborne diseases and create a healthy environment for children and their families.

Promoting child protection and participation practices among children living on streets, communities, schools and local institutions. Facilitate access to information and opportunities to advance their lives.

Equity and Empowerment of Women and Girls

Women and girls are vulnerable in communities where we work, no meaningful change can happen in a society where women’s and girl’s rights are denied and have no opportunity to advance their livelihoods.

 We promote equity and empowerment through strategies that promote women’s rights, attack domestic violence and enhance women and girls access to education and financial services.

We support young/teenage mothers and girls to gain practical vocation skills and employment skills.

We work with grassroots women led organisations, women forums and girls in communities and schools to promote their leadership and communication capability.


2. Where and how we work


 Asecondchance directly supports children, their families and local organisations in Kenya and Uganda. We plan to work in 4 other countries in the region.


We intend to work in Essex and Birmingham in the United Kingdom. We shall make meaningful contribution to learning, disability and young people's lives.

Asecondchance work in the United Kingdom

The UK operations include mobilising resources; building capacity of local partners; raising awareness of development issues and championing the rights of children and women to development practitioners in the North. We believe that being an organisation led by majority of people with experience of where we work, we understand the context of issues and how they could be addressed, including working with other organisations in the UK to develop awareness on issues that keep poor people in poverty.

We also work with other Diasporas in the UK to further issues and thinking of common interest.

3.  How we work
AC work is carried by making grants to partner organisations. Project proposals are subject to approval by the trustees to ensure they are in line with our aims and focus. All projects are subject to monitoring process during their life cycle and disbursement of grants is subject to satisfactory monitoring reports.  AC programme Officer visits projects to monitor and provide support to local partners.


AC has a 3-year strategic plan that is reviewed every three years. During the review, a decision is taken on new programmes and geographic areas.

AC team
AC is operated by staff, volunteers and 4 active trustees who give their time on voluntary basis. They bring a wide range of international development skills and experience and technical expertise to the organisation.

5.  Reporting back

If you support our work, we will keep you informed of any developments in the project you have supported. Each project is monitored by our staff. We work with our partners and beneficiaries to produce progress reports such as:

 i) biannual report to cover the first 6-month period of your chosen project

ii)  annual report

iii) project completion reports

iv) case studies

v) significant change reports

We are more than happy to meet you, present and discuss our projects in more detail.

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AWe are a small charity, so your donation makes a big difference to our growth and the children we work with

 How you can support our work.

 We have opportunities for your support and would be pleased to discuss any of our projects with you. Our dedicated team will work with you to ensure that we meet your organisational objectives.

Whether you choose to support us with a one-off grant or prefer to be involved in a multi-year project, we are here to ensure that your grant is brought to life and its value fully realised. Your grant, whichever size will change lives of many children.

Change lives!

Sponsor a child
Become a sponsor today, and support our work to change lives. Sponsorship supports long-term community development projects, helping us continue our vital work.

 As a sponsor, you'll get regular updates about our work in the country and community where the child you sponsor lives. You can also enjoy a unique cultural exchange, by writing and receiving letters.

 Sponsor a child with £15 per month. An average 85% of donations go directly to support programmes benefiting children and families in countries where we work.

Your one-off donation will support our work to help children and their families realise their potential

Volunteers to support to change the lives of children and make a difference in the lives of marginalised women, girls and their families

 Corporate partnerships
Join AC as a corporate supporter to help a child get basic education, help a child to see a fifth birthday, help women and girls to realise their full potential help all from domestic violence.

Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

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